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Part I [DATE: May 4th / 2:25]
I can't recall when the last time I posted an entry was but it must be roughly around two years ago. High school feels like so long ago and now I'm done my 2nd year of university. A lot has happened since then, however, every time around this time of year, things seem to come into perspective and it becomes a time of remininising and growing--a time to analyze what has gone on in the last year.
University means lack of sleep, face glued in textbooks, library is literally your home, forgotten bordem feeling and certainly no time to update an entry like this.
There's much I'd like to talk about. But noted, it's almost 3 in the morning, I will continue with my entry tomorrow.

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Beginning [DATE: July 17th / 18:04]
I have just gotten back from Cuba which I find that I do actually miss the beach and everything there they have to offer....(excluding the sketchy entertainers who seem to not have the word no in their dictionary.

It's is a little over mid July and for some reasons, the past two weeks has been a blur...a chapter of which seems to be non-existence in my life. No...that's not actually how it works. It's something I cant quite explain...like a mixture of feeling that only oneself can understand.

Highschool have officially ended. It was excruciatingly painful. However, it is the beginning of a new part in our life...a part that many say is far more exciting than highschool. MANY is the keyword. I fear it's not the same for me...yet I do believe that what's in stored for the future will be an experience I probably will not forget. Just like high school, there will be times where I will find unbearable and most certainly times where I will cherish for a lifetime. We may not see our high school friends as often or for some, not see again. Unevitably, there's not much to be done except to accept our fate and move on with an optimistic view on our futures.

There is no ending simply because the end is the beginning.

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Pretty Song + Grade 12 [DATE: November 13th / 14:45]
[ mood | okay ]

Only This Moment - Royksopp (taken off google search engine)

Only this moment (Holds us together)
Close to perfection (Nothing else out there)
No one to guide us (Lost in my senses)
Deep down inside I know our love will die

Only this moment (Holds us together)
Lost in confusion (Feelings are out there)
Scared of devotion (Doubting intentions)
Deep down inside I know our love will die

Stay or forever go
Play or you’ll never know
What heaven decided
You can’t deny it’s all you’ve been waiting for

Stay or forever go
Play or you’ll never know
Your spirit's divided
You will decide if I’m all you’ve been waiting for

Guilt in my head
Hath been parted by grace
by the voice of an angel
Revealing her face
And her words they make sense and I do understand,
Falling in love isn’t part of a plan
Forces within me, mix reason with lust
But I try to accept it and not make it worse
Cause I know I might lose you by taking the chance
But love without pain isn’t really romance

Only this moment (Holds us together)
Close to perfection (Nothing is out there)
Always beside us (Trusting my senses)
Deep down inside (I know love will survive)

Only this moment (Holds us together)
Close to perfection (Nothing else out there)
Always beside us (Trusting my senses)
Deep down inside I know love will survive

Such a beautiful song! I absolutely love the lyrics to it too! If you have a chance, definitely download it! =)

Grade 12

This years has been a struggle for me and yet, I only have three courses as compared to last year where I had four. I'm holding on and I know I'll do as good as I try. That said, this week is a week of hell. 


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Kandalore Trip [DATE: May 24th / 22:51]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

The trip was amazing.

May 9 - May 12
So many activities in one day, I could barely remember where to start. The trip was a total of 3 nights and around 3 days (subtracting the hours we got there and the hours we got back).

First day - Day of arrival
The entire day at school was going by so slow. I'm so glad I invaded Smiley's class before I left! Bus ride was hilarious...we played cards. Prank James...
Arrival - I was so freaked of the black flies...
Tour of the Camp
We had dinner =) And, naturally, I was the hopper. It doesn't matter....our tables all helped out!!
Night Activity - Some kinda game...I don't remember the name. But we had to hit a ball and it's sorta like dodgeball.
Free time (our curfew was at 11). Amy, Shaista, James and Nolan played card games in our PJs. =) We eventually decided to go into the lounge...where James told a corny horror story. All the lights were off and Nolan decided to freak us out...He came forward and Amy flashed her camera. I gave a loud screech! James also screamed and poor Shaista was stuck in the middle. The teachers came in...and told us to quiet down. They must have guessed it came from me.

I couldn't sleep that night. I was busy being paranoid with the black flies...I thought they were going to in my ear or I'd inhale one <,<. It was also extremely hot. I'm so glad we had that fan to survive. =)

Second Day
Breakfast....I was...again...the hopper...
Archery - Hahaz, first time, we had a couple of trials before we decided to stick up our own names onto the 3 targets. So, I took out..hmmm half of the edge of Laura's paper and on my last turn I also managed to take out Linton. Which I'm clearly proud of =) Afterall...he was encouraging others to take me out at the beginning <,<. Amy, on the other hand took out around 4 people O.o.
Low Ropes - It was fun for most of the part. Although, I think only Laura and Nolan was in my group. I'll admit, I don't know them very well. It was still amazing though.
Free time - during our free time, we decided to head over to Chapel Island. We initially had no idea what it was called. Our plan was to check it out at night, but decided we'll get to know the place first. It was so pretty. I eventually found my way away from the group for a slight 5 minutes to enjoy nature.
Rock Climbing
So, after...5 years since I last rock climbed... I'm still quite speedy, but I couldn't go over the overhang. <,<
Random running games - Octopus(which they called something else), some kinda rock paper scissors game (Etchy,michy,mo...something like that), somekinda circle game (hopping on each other's back. When there was eventually just 3 of us...I fell <,<
Koob (with Shaista and Nolan) - hahaz, we won our first match because Linton knock down the King! Teachers went first....knock down 2 or 3 of our blocks and then it was Linton's turn...he knock down the KING! hahaz. We didn't even go yet. Eventually we played till the final game. Sadly, Nolan got a little competitive and the Grade 9s won by a mere one point.
The nightwalk - Chapel Island, turns out we weren't allowed to go there alone. Ironic, yes? Ms. Kelly took us over to Chapel Istand. We all laid on the bedrock...starring up and admiring the beauty of Kandalore. Eventually, James and Shaista got a little nosy. I took off and went back to where Obyrne was. There...I saw my very first shooting stars.

I slept well that night...managed to ignore the grade 9 gurls.

Third Day
I showered this day..and to my luck...I had a dripping shower <,<
Small Canoe activities
Big Canoe with two groups over to Ghost Island for Lunch and Games (Manhunter, chasing)
Capture the Flag - hehez, I was a great defense! They'd all call out to me if there was anything going on. Ms. Kelly was even better. I was running after Obryne...Matt ran right into me. Hahaz, I managed to spot James from a rock...but pretend like i didn't see him. He said I had hawk eyes. lolz. Also...when he finally got the flag...I bumped into him....thus lagging the time and Spencer got over the line just 2-3 secs before. =)
Swimming/Sauna - The water was so COLD! Shaista and James pulled me in.... Lucky Amy...she wasn't swimming. But I got used to it...hahaz! So...I ended up splashing them! hehez.
Camp Fire - it was amusing and random at first. But eventually the seniors pranked all of us by saying that some guy was on the loose. Oh gosh, it made it even more believable when I previously heard some kinda firework before. I managed to stay calm....but was freaking out like no tomorrow.

I slept...pretty well...except the grade 9s were incredibly noisy that day...they even decided to go over to the guys cabin. <,< *roll eyes*

Last Day - Departure
What a cold day!
Orienting game
Random group games

Inuit Blanket Toss - I think I went flying....it was so COLD!
Four corners with Shaista, James, Laura, Kelly and Obyrne. We all became pro after it!
Departure - I managed to take a couple of leaves and rocks for memories!
Eww...I had McDonalds O.o

Highlight of the trip
Nightwalk - Stargazing on Chapel Island
Ghost Island - Manhunter, Chasing
Capture the Flag
The scenery =)
Definitely avoid blackflies...we all got used to it by the end of the trip. I think we all inhaled/consumed dozens and dozens of flies. I counted aprox. 12-15 bites.

Never have I seen so many stars. The sky was filled with at least a thousand and especially where we were (Chapel Island)...made the atmosphere even more amazing then it even was.

Normal people go to camp and they lose weight....I go and I gain weight =)
The trip was AMAZING! Definitely coming back next year!

Thank you all my friends! You guys were incredible!

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Back to LJ [DATE: April 23rd / 23:53]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So, I've ditched lovely LJ for facebook for approximately a couple of months (4 months). But honestly, facebook is so stupid. It wastes all your time and honestly, you get no where anyways. Whereas, lovely LJ lets you have your thoughts down without the whole network reading. And best of all, it doesn't waste time.

I see the layout here has changed. It's not too bad. I kinda like it. I honestly doubt anyone is here to read my thoughts...probably 'cuz you all are busy with facebook. Whatever, I can care less.

To do list
- Get my data ISU done in 3 weeks
- Get more colour contacts (they're so unique)
- Shopping for clothes and sandals(perferby 2-3 inch heels)
- Get a job
- Sleep earlier
- Finish the year with excellent marks. =)

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Happy New Year to Everyone! [DATE: January 1st / 2:43]
Wow, i recently just looked at the calendar and it hit me it's the new year. Sure, we were counting the seconds down tonight...I mean yesterday...practically a couple of hours before now. But, I didn't really take the time register it fully in. I've always wanted to participate in the countdown at city hall. But, I guess it wasn't going to happen this year. Just hopefully...next year, I'll be able to be there. Happy New Year everyone. It's the new year, I hope 2007 will be a blast and better than the previous year.

Oh, right, I've just realized that never again will there be a 2000 or a 1986 or w/e. All along, I didn't really get why people celebrated new years and never had I took the time to put it into consideration. It just hit me like a big swing in the head that people celebrate the new years because the previous one will never come back and in hopes of a better and brighter year. Of course, if you stay positive...I don't see why it'll be a bad one either. Although, there will be the regular ups and down. That's part of life...sadly...

Happy New Year Everyone! And remember to KEEP SMILING and be POSITIVE! This year will be a BLAST and so will the following! :D


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Everyone DITCHED livejournal for FACEbook [DATE: December 18th / 1:33]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hey, sadly, it seem like everyone just ditched lj for facebook. Well, i'm still on here and constantly rambling on about my not very interesting life. There's just so much you can do on facebook. Unfortunately...everyone can read my thoughts on facebook...it's so stupid sometimes. W/e, here I can pour my heart out to my friends. Okay...my hearts too heavy. I can't pour it out...

oOoOo...it's almost christmas. That happy time of year! You noe...there's so much that's going on...I somehow haven't realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Sure, i remembered to shop and everything...but I haven't taken the time to understand the spirit of christmas and actually felt like what it was years ago. Surprisingly...Christmas here...jsut isn't like it was in T.o. Actually...that small room in the appartment was so cozy and I can always go to the living room and there's that beautiful tree and the sound of the fishtank. *sigh* Christmas just isn't the same. I want that peaceful feeling back.

oOoOo...I've always wanted that beautiful love story during christmas....guess it won't happened this year. Lolz, life's...hmmm...sad? But when Christmas comes...I guess it'll temporary be an exception.

My To-Do List

- Get prezzies...I'm not even close to done
- Study for Chem and Bio Summatives
- Do the Chem Summative
- Do the Bio Summative
- Stop being so depress
- Restock my playlist 
- Do the biological warefare assignment
- Get the Christmas spirit up

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[DATE: October 24th / 23:58]
[ mood | blah ]

So...I was going to update yesterday and when I did finish my oh so lovely entry...I cliked on a link and everything I typed for 15 minutes just completely vanished. So here I am...not gonna bother posting what I wanted to originally yesterday....considering how lazy I am...and I know there are so much grammatical errors right now...w/e, if you love me enough..you'll bare with me. So it feels great not to care for just a little now. Lolz...after all, it's midnight. 

Oh, I got my nails done, but I suppose everyone was so right..I totally ruined one of the nails. I normally can't put up with having nails done and stuff...but my cuz is in training and she needs a model. So i'm stuck sitting there just talking to her while she does my nails and believe it or not...I can't sit still. No I do NOT have ADD. It's just it's nerve-racking to have ur nails painted and etc...

I was thinking...we should start a story kinda thing and we all can take turns writing chapters based on our life..considering how less often we see each other. Yes, we definitely need a sleepover and lunch getogether. How 'bout this Friday ish?


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Layout 4.0 is finally up! [DATE: October 6th / 15:16]
[ mood | blah ]

Ah, this is awesome! I'm so relief...I finally have time to make a new layout and to post it up(the hard part...stupid overrides!) Comments and criticism is extremely welcome!

Since I have not much to say. Here's my to-do list:

Get Mai her birthday present
Take a shower
Finish re-watching Princess Pearl 1+2 (been going back and forth)

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[DATE: October 5th / 20:05]
[ mood | silly ]

Anyhow...while everyone is at excellence night...I'm stuck at home cause my dad thought it was funny to not wake me up at 6 to get ready and he too slept...and I got up at 7...too late for me... Yeah...anyhow, this week = 3 tests, but to be totally honest, I wasn't half as stressed as I was over last week.

Anyhow, here are pics uploaded from last week. University Fair and Shreya's Party! Apoligize for the lack of pics at Shreya's at the very end..my phone died of battery! If you want the larger version, tag me on msn. 

Click for Pics!Collapse )

Okay enough pics....take a look and tell me what you think! There are more...you want them? Tag me on msn or send me an email!

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[DATE: September 25th / 17:14]
[ mood | blah... ]

Just came home from school, yes, and it so happens to be a monday. Today wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. Although, the math test didn't make me feel much better...but at least I know...I won't make such stupid mistakes next time. Lolz, Ms. Jakubos isn't as bad...at least she's willing to help and she makes all of us correct our mistakes. It's rather funny when I think about it. I used to think it's embarassing, but now that everyone's up correcting their stuff, it's funny. It makes me laugh now that I think about it. I'm not upset about the test, cuz I know I could have done better, should have clarified the exponents law before I did the test. But whatever, there's definitely no next time. I'm committed to make no stupid errors next time! Enough of my constant blabber about math.

My life isn't as interesting as I'd like it to be. I'm feeling quite okay right now actually. There's not much going on. Just school work...more school work and nothing more. Oh wait...you know how after such a downfall, there's that positive feeling. I'm hoping it'll stay with me actually. 

It's gets even more funny...I wasn't intending to make the play cuz I suppose it was that spontanous feeling I got when I tried out and I wasn't even serious. But then I got a chorus part...some very small part that I care less about. But now I'm stuck with it....cuz I can't really forth the role(MgGhee will kill me). Ugh...and my commitment right now = zero! I won't be so stupid next year to try out for something I wasn't even serious about. That reminds me....my dance audition is tomorrow...and I'm wondering if I'm spontanously inspired again. >.<

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Summer Done - School for the first week. [DATE: September 9th / 10:53]
[ mood | weird ]

Hey! After what seems like forever, I've decided that I really should update this--just so no one think I'm dead or something. I still need to catch up with all your posts PEOPLE! The summer had ended a week ago and my first week of school wasn't as bad as I had expected to be. Even with the homework, it wasn't as bad. I think I'm learning to appreciate my school work more. :) It's good to see that everyone's happy too! It's kinda sad I don't get to see most of my friends as often as I'd like to see them. But it's okay, we still keep in contact  and I love you all. 

1st Period - Chemistry, so far it's pretty interesting. Ms. Kelly's an hyper/awesome teacher. There's not much going on in that class except the lab and quiz we did for the 2 previous day. It wasn't too bad. I actually think I enjoyed it. Friends - Jenny S, Laura

2nd Period - Biology, it's quite interesting. Not as boring as I'd think Bio would be. My original thought - if Bio was boring....DROP IT. But it wasn't. So I'll stick with it. Friends - Azizah, Tanya, Mark and James.

3rd  Period - Lunch....or soon to be tutoring. I still have yet to talk to a teacher about this. Friends - Jordan, Susan

4th Period - Peer Tutoring, not the funniest course. I had originally switched into this class for stupid reasons and wanted to switch back or out of it. But then Amy tranfered into that class and if I had gone, I'd ditched her and she'll be all alone. Actually...more like she'd kill me or something. And...I didn't wanna get the guidance cousellors thinking I'm a drag or something. I still have to see them for TWO years! Friends - Amy, Jordan

5th Math - Oh, I'm feeling very stupid. The friggin teacher taught us how to DRAW pies and SHADE them in. Wtf, does it look like we're in gr 3? Either way, when she does teach...she's not too bad. But I suppose I have issues reading her writing sometime. o.O Whatever I'll survive it! Oh and thanks Jordan! :) Friends - Tanya, Azizah, Amanda

There's my schedule. It's not the best and I'm thinking it's not too bad either. Maybe my opinion will change soon, after all--it's only the first week of school. Either way, I love you all!

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[DATE: August 24th / 12:08]
[ mood | sick ]

So after days of no internet....you guys must by now noe that Jenn is half dead. >.< But hey, it's back now and really....that's all I care about this moment. Anyways, nothing happened the past few days, considering I wasn't really anywhere. Wait....I got stuck at the library yesterday cuz it was pouring like no tomorrow. At first it was only a lil, but I was sick as I already was and decided not to risk it...so I waited...and eventually it started to pour and thus I was stuck there. 

My To-Do List
Go to shoppers ---> that was suppose to be done yesterday but it poured.
Go to TD bank and do some banking ---> that was also suppose to be done yesterday

Get well ---> I don't like the idea of being sick at all! Stuffy nose + allergy eyes >.<
Check the bus/train routes/schedule
Go take a shower

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Attention - Cell Phone Number CHANGED [DATE: August 20th / 1:56]
[ mood | happy ]

Anyhow, I just wanted to notify you guys that my cell number has changed. So please don't call my old number. You'll be reaching some person...>.< and I doubt that's what you wanna do too. Lolz, anyway, my new number is... ugh...I don't think it'll be wise to post my number here so someone can randomly get it and prank call me..like I do to certain people. LOL. If I see you on msn later, I'll give it to you :) 

Oh, and I am so in love with my phone. Hehez, maybe that's just me...don't spank me if you get my voice mail, just leave a message. By means of leave a message, if I get a beep, i'll kill you. lolz, anyhow, gotta go now. I'm trying to adjust my sleeping habits. If you see me online later, spank me. 

Much Luv,
Jenn aka klutzy gurl

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New Layout! Better and Improved! [DATE: August 16th / 3:24]
Lolz, omg...I finally have it up and working and actually, I'm proud of myself! That stupid red one before this one previously was crappy anyways. So I decided to start over with a fresh start and made this layout! What do you guys think? Comments? Criticism are especially welcomed. :) 

And....looking forward to the movie tomorrow ;) and.....ugh...
don't ask why I'm still up...keke, i better get to sleep soon...but II'm not sleepy >.<! Anyone...wanna recommend a "getting to sleep" method for moi? LOL

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ah!!! [DATE: August 14th / 0:11]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Ah...what is wrong with LJ?!?!?! A few days ago, my header was showing up fine and now...it just suddenly dissapear and no...I did not change anything with the overide. The funny thing is my bg image shows but not my header. Ekkk...I really hate overides >.<!!!!

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New Layout! [DATE: August 8th / 22:59]
[ mood | bored ]

Omg, new layout! Yes, I decided to change it cause it was getting too boring. Need somethign new y'know :) The colour's pretty dark unlike the last one, cause...well I was feeling like I need to change styles and of course, I just re-watch "Queen of the Dawn" I think that's what its called and I just so happens to be looking at that pic of Kikyo(girl in the layout). 

*sigh* I don't have much to do. Summer school's over and ugh...my parents wouldn't let me work at CNE. They say I must be nuts to be living here and going down there. But you see, I was planning to stay at my cousin's house...but they see a problem with that too. So thus, I didn't go for interviews and such today. But, at home doing completely nothing. And omg, is it me or is there completely no one online!?!?!?!? See, I was going to call Amy, but then she might be sleeping at 11. Shreya's cellphone is off and I still need to find letters that need to be sent under that pile of summer school junk. That said...DOES ANYONE wanna go for a movie TOMORROW? I'd go right now, but dad'll be like wtf and I obviously have  no ride because this isn't TORONTO TTC but OAKVILLE go and damn...the bus station is probably close now too. Sucks to be in Oakville, their bus service is like no-no. How am I ever gonna be out at evening when randomness stucks and I wanna get somewhere at this time? >.< Okay enough of my complaining...but anywhooo...

To Do List
Get my SIN card
Get my Police Check (need it for this volunteering thing)

Go down to T.o to get my oh so lovely series 
Find Amy's letter and give it to her
Send Vik her letter
Give Amy the camera
Scan the photos(especially that prettiful flower lily one)
Take a shower

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Montreal/1000 Island Trip [DATE: August 6th / 1:22]
[ mood | content ]

I just got back from Montreal yesterday. The trip was quite interesting. So it started when my parents and I picked up my cousin(Mai) for a sleepover and then head to Montreal the next morning. Wow, improvement I woke up quite early! Anyhow, I won't summarize the trip by days but more like by moments. Anyways...here it goes....

Getting to sleep DAY #1 
This is the day Mai came over. We got dressed in our pyjamas and then decided to watch Lizzie Miguire...not much that day

Waking up DAY #2
Woke up at 9 something. Actually more like my cousin stole my blanket...but okay...she was dreaming of kissing some guy and eventually got 2 cm close to me and opened her eyes, so she backed off and went back to sleep but we both wake up later cuz mom woke us up and she told me the story. 

Ride to Montreal DAY #2 and Ride #1
We were on the car...quite fastinated with the ride and the surrounding. We made 2 stops, one at Tim Horton for breakfast and Wendys for lunch. As we started to get closer to Quebec, Montreal. My dad started to joke around and started to talk in French....yes both my parents knew French, but unfortunately they both forgot cause it was too long ago. So eventually, something came up and he asked my cuz and me do you guys noe what "Mange le CaCa" means. Lolz, we laughed cause it sounded funny and mom was completely shock and laughing. She explained to us that ca ca is shit! Omg...think me and my cuz were laughing so hard! And later on we got into the issues of mom asking..."how do you say you have to go take a dump in english?" in formal language. Yes...we were completely bored to ask such ridiculous questions. My cuz and I were just like...well you don't really say it so forward...you only say we gotta go to the toilet or something. Dad goes and reply, "MAKE A SHIT"...OMG WE WERE ALL LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! 

Arriving At the Hotel DAY #2
Oh the hotel was awesome! After having dinner, my cuz and I scanned around the whole place to ind the fitness centre, sauna and the frigging pool...the sauna and pool wasn't opened at 10 pm. Dang...but okay, we went to the fitness centre and then went back to our room. And when we showered and everything...we started to get hungry...and ploted ways to sneek out to get food. But eventually dad from the other queen bed shout out..."God, I'm hungry" and we started to flip on the lights cuz we all thought he was asleep and told him we are hunry too. Me and my cuz were so happy we ran downstair...but too bad...stupid restaurant was close it was midnight! So we sleep on an empty stomach!

Waking Up DAY #3
I woke up on my stomach to a nightmare of spiders chasing me and my cuz was friggen on top of me readying to bite me and I elbowed her. Guess what she was dreaming of? Hik Cau, Sew Mei(sp)....basically dim sum, sushi and all the food. But gosh...i was going to be biten if i didn't elbow her.

Going Out for Breakfast at Montreal DAY #3
So at first we decided to eat at Pho Phi Nguyen, but then mom didn't wanted to, went to Pho Lien(not opened yet), then mom suggusted to go to Pho Hai Noi....dad was ready to park and she changed her mind and dad went like "GOD..." but he agreed anyways and we ended up at Pho Bang...utterly bad food!

Ride back to Oakville DAY #3
Mom and me were trying to get dad to go to Quebec too...but he used the excuse that it was down on electric and we went on and on but he complained he was tired! We went for as long as 3 hours already and then were were at 1000 island. Dad's like "No, we're not going in." Mom was like "get off, I'll drive then" Yes....it normal, they have these funny fights all the time and make up in less then a second! So dad agreed and goes....what happens is unexpectedly...we went on a cruiseship there for 3 hours! It was awesome...saw New York and everything...that mini bridge that divides Canada and US. lolz it was awesome. The last 2 hours were kinda laid back and lazy though. lolz! Fun trip!

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Embarassed!!! >.< ... and Gambling :) ...then a whole lotta essays [DATE: July 23rd / 0:23]
[ mood | dorky ]

*sigh* I just recently got home and I had the most randomest and feeling dumb moment!...(for this month). Okay, so I admit...our family only got the new 'KIA' Sportage...for say...1 and a half week. So today, we decided to get a late night pizza dinner(yes, at 12 am...we recently just decided to get back from Toronto). Anyhow, so we ordered the pizza and got out to wait. What happens was my parents told me to experiment around with the car to see what's new with it. I turned on the backlight and all and my mom decided to play around with the buttons on her keycontrol. Guess what button she accidentally pressed? If you guessed the 'beep'...you're right(course, she DIDN'T know she pushed it, thought it was the unlock buttom). Basically, in the middle of the night...nvm MIDNIGHT. The friggin car was on its beeping mode. We all jumped and was trying to see how to turn it off and such. My mom was completely blaming me about it cuz that's how we bond! We blame each other! We tried to turn the keys and see if it worked but it wouldn't! I tried to turn off the lights cuz I thought the lights were the problem and such. My mom tried pressing the beeping button cause she suspected it was, but it didn't work(it was surposed to be held down, but it wasn't!) So after FIVE minutes!...the guy parking paralell to us with his gurlfriend(not even a metre away) got off and came over and ask my dad was the keys. DAMN, I can absolutely tell that he was trying(probably biteing his tongue too) not to laugh. So all he did was pressed down the honking button for a few sec. It stopped...and my parents and I started to laugh so hard cause we were feeling stupid. Hahaz, i probably laugh my butt off trying to get to sleep. Our conclusion to why the guy helped us: He probably got annoyed of the honking cause he was PROBABLY making out with his girlfriend in the car! That said...this event totally made my day of laughing!

Not as interesting as the embarrassment story, but okay... So I was at my cousin's and we decided to play Mahjong and then Poker: Texas Hold'em(we've gotta play when you guys come over). Mahjong wasn't much of gambling cause money wasn't involved. But Texas Hold'em was so funny! I was pretty much a beginner and that time we weren't playing money. But after some tips and strategies(my cousin taught me....more like she was trying to proved she was better than I was....yes that's between the both of us. LOLZ)...we started to play around with money...and I pretty much showed her I could do better! Course, I haven't beat her yet, but she wasn't expecting me to tie with her either. :P

Anyone would like to do me a favour and just stabs me?!?!?! Please do! Cause I was just recently assigned practically 3+1 essays! Omg, and it's all due on Monday, Tuesday and then Wednesday. Yes, and I thought English was laid back! It is...but when you have 6 hours for 3 consecutive days to write the essays. It gets boring and everyone tends to do other stuffs anyways. Like for instance, on Friday, I was practically folding stars and chucking them at people...and they were notes to! So this dude decided to open it to see the process of making it. I ran over and just literally screamed at him. Poor guy, I noe...it's just it's not what I want everyone to know!

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Bordem and a Whole Lot of Other Crap [DATE: July 15th / 12:49]

Ah, I've been too lazy for summer school and I'm only half way done! I think I need to scream! But oh dear, everyday it's such a drag. It's english and it's definitely not as interesting as Amy's class! I don't even have the time to update my LJ!

Oh my, I went to T.o yesterday cause my dad dragged my butt out the house and we drove down to T.o. So my cousin and I decided to visit Dufferin Mall to get the 'wonderland' photos. Ah...so much clothes....but i'm way too broke. I barely have 2 bucks in my pocket. Lolz...Oh gosh, I look drained! But besides that, we were walking home and some guy in a car rolled down the window and goes "I love you!" to the both of us. So I was feeling random and screamed, "I hate you!" It was kinda stupid but okay...

Amy - *sigh* while ur camping, I'd probably be writing for stupid essay! I'm jealous!

Shreya - lolz, how was the movies?

Vicki - where are you? lolz, we've been looking for you!

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